Dylan'N'Alice, formerly known as "Over Gravity", is an Alternative Metal band that has rapidly made a name for themselves. On Soundcloud, the band has surpassed a stream count of 14 million views following the release of only two songs.  Dylan Leonte, is the lead singer of the four member group. Dylan came to fame when he was featured in an episode of the nationally acclaimed television program "Dr. Drew's Lifechangers", alongside his mother and co-manager, Lisa Custard. Since gaining national exposure, the band's visibility skyrocketed, and their fan base expanded within the world of Rock Music.


In time, the band became recognized by various Rock legends. They have opened for legendary acts such as "Slash" and former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell, to name a few. By 2015, the band began to undergo changes, such as member reduction and alterations to their overall image.  Thus, Dylan'N'Alice was created; also affectionately known as "D'N'A". Following these new adjustments, the band has made significant musical marks, with the first being their single "Just Wait Until The End". The song has been featured on national radio stations, and has exceeded 1.3 million online plays/views. 



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